Upper Tyrone Township Sewage Project Information concerning Tap-in Fees




504 Loan and Grant Brochure

General Information regarding property owner responsibilities.

  1. At any time during construction, a property owner can pre-pay in full the tap-fee at the early tap-in amount, provided the full amount is paid prior to construction completion.
  2. Once the construction project is complete, the Authority will send out notices that residents should now begin the process of connecting to the public sewer system.  Once these letters go out, the standard tap-in rate applies from above.
  3. Residents will be given 60 days to begin the process to connect to the public sewer.
  4. After 60 days a 2nd notice will be sent to notify of tap in requirements.
  5. The late tap-in fee will apply upon direction of the Authority after the 2nd notice.
  6. The Authority will provide a 6” lateral to the edge of their property or edge of easement for connection.  This lateral will be capped and buried during construction for safety reasons.  It will be staked and flagged.
  7. During Construction, the Authority representatives will be in contact with residents determine  the location of the lateral. (i.e. what side of house sewage currently discharges).  If the Authority cannot get a response   from homeowners, the laterals will be placed at the low point of the lots along the public sewer line.
  8. In order to keep project costs at a minimum, the Authority decided at the December 17, 2012 Sewage Authority meeting to limit the depth of sewer trenching to 10ft and provide first floor service.  If a homeowner desires basement service, it will be homeowner responsibility to pump basement flow to the gravity sewer lateral provided to the homeowner.
  9. Gray water (laundry, sinks) is considered sewage flow and MUST be connected to the public sanitary sewer.
  10. Tap-fees were calculated in accordance with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania ACT 57 of 2003 and is on file at the sewage authority office for viewing.   The purpose of Act 57 was to provide municipalities and authorities with a uniform methodology for determining tap-fees on a fair, just, and reasonable basis.

Should you have any questions regarding location of lines, grinder pumps, etc. you may also call Project Engineer, Bill Utzman at 724-468-4622 or email him at butzman@morrisknowles.com