About the Township

Board of Supervisors

The governing body of a Second Class Township is made up of three elected Supervisors. These Supervisors are elected from the Township at large to serve six year terms. Upon motion and vote by the Supervisors, a Roadmaster is appointed. The duties of the Roadmaster are to carry out the responsibilities, imposed by the Board of Supervisors, with respect to the maintenance and repair of Township roads.

Board of Supervisors:

Richard Beranek – Chairman

Charles B. Cook –   Vice Chairman

Ron Lewandowski – Supervisor


The Secretary/Treasurer is appointed annually by the Board of Supervisors. The secretary carries out the policies of the Board and manages the daily functions of township government. The treasurer is responsible for the proper accounting and reporting of all financial activities of the Township. She also prepares budgets and provides financial information to the Board. The Secretary/Treasurer is usually handled by the same person in small townships of the second class.

Secretary/Treasurer – Lori Henry

Road Department

The Road Department is staffed by two full time employees who maintain approximately 14 miles of township roads. They are responsible for various road maintenance tasks which include grading, mowing, brush removal, snow and ice removal, erecting signs, and vehicle maintenance.

Tax Collector

Brittani Smouse
172 Municipal Drive
Connellsville, PA  15425
Phone #724-244-8570


3 Vacancies